About SAF€RA


  • Building up sustainable channels for communication and effective instruments for collaborative research between national programme owners and/or managers aiming at the creation of a Joint Programme on industrial safety.
  • Increasing awareness about the importance of research in the field of industrial safety as a major contributor to a dynamic knowledge-based economy and promoting cost-benefit aspects of industrial safety as well as working to strengthen the impact of this research at the EU, national and international levels thus enhancing the competitiveness of European industry.
  • Exploiting synergies and avoiding duplications of research and development among the partners of the Consortium and reducing fragmentation of the European Research Area by increased coordination.
  • Establishing a Joint Programme of transnational research projects between the involved Member States, materializing in a pilot programme collaborating research projects  between the SAF€RA partners and serving as a test bed for the future joint programming..
  • Developing and implementing common, joint, strategic activities to establish a durable European network for cooperation between key actors in the field of industrial safety.