The ETPIS General Assembly 2013 took place on May 23, 2013, in Stuttgart as part of the regular EU-VRi 2013 General Assembly of all members.
Indeed, as operating agent of ETPIS, EU-VRi has to fulfill the national legal and financial requirements. Therefore, in 2012, EU-VRi had to introduce in its statutes the category ETPIS membership for individuals. Thus, the formal General Assembly of EU-VRi has to include the report on the activities of ETPIS members.

This General Assembly was dedicated to the positioning of ETPIS in Horizon 2020, using the SafeFuture initiative.
The situation regarding the interaction between ETPIS and the European Commission has been explained based on the draft document "European Technology Platforms 2020 strategy".
The participants have shared their views and ideas to implement SafeFuture initiative and go to the implementation of H2020.