ETPIS community

ETPIS gathers a community of about 800 registered stakeholders who are coming from all Member States and from various disciplines and industry sectors.

ETPIS operates according to the five principles of good  governance references in the “White Paper - Governance in the European Union”:

  • Openness: ETPIS is open to any interested organization, the only requirement being active participation in the groups of interest. Interested parties can join ETPIS or become a registered stakeholder to be informed of and involved in the activities about ETPIS.
  • Participation: All organizations wishing to be associated with ETPIS must participate actively in the events and groups of its interest.
  • Accountability: Roles and responsibilities of the High Level Group, the Executive Board, and the Mirror Group are defined in the Terms of Reference available on the ETPIS Website.
  • Effectiveness: The activities of ETPIS are presented among the members and stakeholders every year during the General Assemblies and Stakeholder Meetings. The impact of the different activities is reviewed and discussed with the participants.
  • Coherence: Actions and initiatives are aligned with, and cascaded from, the initial Vision 2020 and the objectives of the Strategic Research Agenda, and now from the SafeFuture Initiative.




Terms of Reference

For any query about ETPIS, do not hesitate to contact the technical secretariat (