This year annual meeting of ETPIS has been organized together with the General Assembly of EU-VRi and was accompanied by a Brokerage Event and a Cross-ETP Event.
All events EU-VRi and ETPIS were hosted by the European Commission in Brussels, Belgium.

ETPIS addresses safety of industrial installations and production systems from various industry sectors: manufacturing, chemical including pharmaceutical, oil and gas, buildings, transport systems and related structural components. ETPIS deals with occupational health and safety of the workers in industry, environmental safety, and the prevention of major accidents with off-site consequences. Since July 2013, the European Technology Platform on Industrial Safety (ETPIS) has been recognized as a cross-ETP which means that it has to work with all industry sectors.

This Cross-ETP event has been organized in order to stimulate exchanges between the platforms dealing with industrial safety issues.
Each ETP representative had the opportunity to present the main challenges that they are addressing as well as the potential synergies with ETPIS.

Several commun issues were identified and will be further investigated such as: serious games, holistic approach, smart factory, big data, human factors, etc.